motor installation services

Are you thinking of replacing the motor in your garage or just buying a new one for the very first time? If yes then you should learn about exactly what horsepower you need. Mostly half horsepower is enough for homes and small establishments where garage doors are also small but in some cases you may need additional horse power to make the door open and close quickly and efficiently. If you can’t decide on the horsepower of the motor then our team of Shirley garage door repair, NY can lend you a hand.

We are experts on new motor installation new door installation and we will aim for making things easier for you from the start. We will make sure that you buy the latest version of the motor so that you don’t have to change it for years and it will also not become obsolete for years. We can also assure you that we will see to it that you get an idea about how we are installing the motor if you wish so that you don’t feel left out. If you own a big garage, you should also be clear on how many motors do you require when you contact us so that we can arrange for them beforehand.