new door installation services

New door installation in a garage is not easy as it seems to most people as it involves a lot of sweat and hard work from the installer’s part. People with smaller body build must not try to change or install heavy doors by themselves as the risk of injury is high. Likewise, people who have internal weakness should also leave this tough task for the experts like Garage Door repair Shirley as we know what we are doing and all our team members have the strength to deal with heavy doors without risking ourselves to any injury.

Contact us as we are also deft at installing doors that you just picked up from the market or the ones that you have custom made just to make your garage safer and great looking from the outside as well as the inside. When you are getting the door installed we will strongly recommend that you get the perfectly fitting springs installed and let go of old or obsolete or broken spring as a new door would perfectly work with new springs too. The new springs will also guarantee that the new door works soundlessly and there is no risk of the door falling off or being tilted.