broken spring repair

Replacing the broken springs of a garage door seems like an easy thing but it’s not. Believe us, we are experts and we are telling you that you must not do it yourself. You may make a mistake that can cost you your life if the door becomes unbalanced and falls on you. You may also buy wrong substitutes for the existing pins and waste your money. The solution to both these problems is offered by Shirley garage door repair in NY. We can make sure that the springs are replaced with utmost care and we will also see to it that the replacement parts are accurately the same.

We will not only keep you and your loved ones safe by telling you not to come near the area when we are working but we will also keep ourselves safe by wearing proper safety gear that includes safety gloves and eye goggles. We can also give you a discount if you hire us to change springs of multiple doors as we may get a concession on buying multiple products and we would pass the benefit to you. Apart from spring replacement you can also trust us for other vital jobs like new motor installation.