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Garage Door Repair Shirley NY - 24x7 Best Local Services

Hello, it looks like you found us today and we must thank you for that. If were looking out for a team of garage door experts then believe us friend, you are on the correct page. We are a team of garage door enthusiasts who seek to work for making sure that all the garage doors in the Shirley area remain in the best possible shape. We work on homes, offices, industrial buildings or any other establishments that contain a garage and thus need an excellent garage door to protect the personal and commercial vehicles that you or your organization owns.

We are the topmost Shirley garage door repair not only because of what we do but also how we do it. We try to develop a nice and friendly relationship with every client but we will never intrude in your life. We would be happy to listen to your garage door dilemma but we will never take advantage of it by proposing that you buy the expensive products only. As far as the question of our credibility is concerned, we do thorough internal background checks of every employee. We also upgrade our licenses every once in a while and we keep ourselves updated on any safety and other regulations changed by the local or national government so that we can follow them all.

Our Shirley Garage Door Repair Services Includes:

  • Repair Work: If you think that your garage door is workable and it just needs some minor repairs then we can do it for you. If you wish, we will do inspection of every part of garage door so that we can pin point and fix all repair works as well. In most cases, we will do on the spot repairs but if the numbers of repairs are too many, we may have to haul the door to our company and fix it. You will be given a perfect explanation in such cases about the costs and time required to fix it at our workshop.

  • New installations: No matter which brand of door, motor, chain opener, etc. you have bought for your garage, we can install it for you. We strongly recommend that you do not try to install them yourself as you may harm yourself and a wrongly installed door or other part would only increase our work. We can also assist you in buying the new products at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of the products as we have worked for many years in the industry and know which manufacturer has a margin for discounts for customers like you.

  • Replacement: We also excel at doing replacement of rare parts like broken spring. We will make sure that the replacement is just like the part that is broken by taking exact measurements and testing it after installation. You can be present at the testing stage to satisfy yourself that the product we have replaced is done in a flawless manner.

  • Electric Work: Garage Door Repair Shirley team can also handle small electric works like installation of electric doors that run on electricity and open and close only when you have power at home. We can also make sure that there are no electrical vulnerabilities in your garage which may lead to calamities like short circuits. If there is an issue like an open wire, we will fix it as a part of our work for you. If the task is too complicated, we will be straightforward about it so that you can have an estimate of the time and money it will cost you in the future.

  • Technology work: All the members of our team are also very conversant with technology. If we take up a job like new motor installation, we will make sure that we understand its technology like keyless access to your garage door and then explain it to you. If you want we will set things up the first time and then you can take over and explain your family about the technology. If you are not present then we can also teach the technology to your family or employees in a perfect manner so that they can open and close the garage when they need. You can even call Garage Door Repair Shirley to change the code of the garage door if you don’t want an unworthy family member or not so trusted employee to access your garage at will.